Ever heard of the Cheerful Giver? (2 Corinthians 9:6-15) When you give to someone, you give thanks to God, and have you ever noticed how good you feel? Cornerstone Coupons provides you a way to not only save yourself money, but give to others in need. So while you are saving, you are giving! Best of all is you decide who receives your gift. It might go through your church, or your favorite charity. Here is how you do it:

1. Sign up and register yourself as the giver, and your church or charity as the recipient. (Be sure to have the contact information of your chosen church or charity on hand so that you can quickly add them as your recipient.)

2. Now go shopping online at Cornerstone Coupons. Besides all the savings you will get with our discounts and coupons, you will be rewarded a certain percentage of your total expenditure back for you to donate to your church or charity recipient. We call that the Cash Forward Rewards. For each coupon, you will see the percentage under “Cash Forward” that the applicable merchant is willing to donate back to you. These monies will be sent to your designated recipient upon receipt by Cornerstone Coupons and/or when you reach a certain designated amount by Cornerstone Coupons in your name. Your church or charity may be able to add these donation amounts to your personal records if they are set up that way. This may also bring about a tax savings to you as the user depending upon the Charitable Status of your Charity and/or Church.

3. You will be saving yourself money, and perhaps saving someone’s soul.

This Save 2 Give Program will be expanding once we are up and have the time to do it. We do not want to restrict our givers to only charities that we like, but we want the users to be able to choose for themselves. Like the Scripture says: God knows your heart, and he loves a cheerful giver. So start Saving and start Giving!